Media management streamlined for television.

Spire is the end-to-end media pipeline for television post-production teams. Manage media from anywhere, without compromising on speed or security.

Trusted in the television industry

Everything you need to
coordinate post-production.

Spire offers a complete suite of tools to import, organize, and collaborate over your media library.

All of your show's media in a single place. Add descriptions and tags. Playback media from your office, or anywhere with a VPN.

Welcome to the Hybrid Cloud

Spire was built by engineers with years of television experience, specifically to meet the security and workflow needs of post-production teams.

Hybrid Cloud

All your data in the cloud, all your footage on-premise.

Spire's hybrid cloud maximizes security and performance by storing your footage on-premise, enabling secure playback without exposing footage to the cloud.


Stay on top of your show's media pipeline, from cam ops to editors.

Monitor the progress of your media as it moves from camera ops into the Spire pipeline. With Day View, visualize all your footage on a calendar by shoot-time and date.


Track your team's physical property as it changes hands.

Keep tabs on property owned by your team – hard drives, badges, computers – and track its location, status, and owner over time.

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Frequently asked questions

    • What is "hybrid cloud"?

      Spire offers cloud-based software. To secure your show's media, we don't store any media in the cloud. We combine data in the cloud with media on your work network to create a secure hybrid-cloud.
    • Is Spire for large or small shows?

      Spire has customers of all sizes. Our technology and pricing scale to meet the needs of any show.
    • What data gets stored in the cloud?

      Customers can fine-tune the specific data that is stored in the cloud. At minimum, metadata (titles, descriptions, etc.) is stored in the cloud. Beyond that, customers can select to store other data in the cloud (ie. thumbnails, proxies)
    • Is Spire hiring?

      Yes! Spire is hiring software engineers, customer support, and a few other roles. Please email us your resume if you're interested!